Radiant Hair Consultancy is a salon business coach who helps to put the sparkle back into salons that have lost their way and sets new hairdressing businesses on the path to success.

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Radiant Hair Consultancy uses creative processes and proven strategies to help solve the issues that hair salons face today.  We know what it takes to make a hairdressing business thrive and our salon business coach is here to help you to achieve more both creatively and financially. Whether you want more cash in your coffers, a smiley happy team or just want to get people talking, our tried and tested methods will give you the salon you dreamed of.

Salon success stories

How fantastic would it feel to triple your retail sales, create a whole new revenue stream and increase profits by 50%? That’s exactly what Smile Hair in Ascot achieved under Penny’s guidance.

Read more of Radiant Hair Consultancy’s success stories or call 07768 383954 to boost your salon’s profitability.

Award-winning awesomeness

Our salon business coach has achieved some pretty incredible results including three prestigious British Hairdressing Business Awards.

Find out more about the hairdressing awards in our trophy cabinet and how Radiant Hair Consultancy can help your salon to dazzle.

Who said what?

Catherine Hancock, publisher of Creative HEAD and the brains behind the Most Wanted Awards and Salon Smart says Radiant Hair Consultancy is:

“Creative, dynamic, energetic and committed to helping others reach their full potential. Penny has amazing experience and is always looking for exciting new ideas that will transform the salon she works with.”

Tried and tested methods

From the simple and effective ‘Tell not Sell’ salon retail programme to the innovative double consultation, our salon processes are proven to deliver the results you crave.

Choose the right hair consultancy service for your salon or book in for an affordable one-to-one session with our salon business coach.